Tips of What Should Not Do if You’re Ever Arrested

Getting arrested is enough to ruin anyone’s day. No one really plans to get arrested, so the sigh of cop on your doorway holding handcuffs will definitely throw you off. It’s completely normal to feel worried and even a bit of panic, but don’t let your emotions get the better of you. One wrong word can easily put you behind bars.

Myles S. Breiner Attorney at Law – is here to share some tips on what you should not do if you’re ever arrested. Take a look:

  • Don’t behave poorly.

    Your actions play an important role during and after your arrest. The shock of getting arrested is enough to make you feel like running or even pushing back, but these will only lead to you getting injured.

  • Don’t use the wrong words.

    Fear, anger, frustration, and even embarrassment can often cloud your judgment when you speak. Don’t offer any information to the police other than showing them your IDs and other documents. Your Miranda rights free you from incriminating yourself. Instead, keep quiet and wait for your defense attorney.

  • Don’t refuse your right to call a Bail Bondsman.

    At the station, the police will give you the opportunity to make phone calls. For serious crimes, you may consider calling a friend, loved one, or seek legal service in Honolulu, Hawaii. But for minor arrest, you may call a Bail Bondsman to negotiate for your bail.

Keep these in mind and you won’t have much trouble if you’re arrested. If you need help with any charges, just F:P:Sub:Phone} our criminal defense in Hawaii to get help.