What an Appeal Is and How It Can Change a Ruling

After a trial court has made a decision, one party may think that the court’s ruling is unjust or wrong. Depending on the type of case, they can ask a higher court to review their case again, and this process is called an appeal. At Myles S. Breiner Attorney at Law – A Law Corporation, appealing for another round of reviewing, hearing, and arguing is not a problem. Our legal service in Honolulu, Hawaii is also equipped with the resources, knowledge, and experience needed to handle the opposing party’s appeal for a new decision.

Certain grounds are laid out as a basis to allow a party to file an appeal since not all can do so just because they do not like the court’s decision. In civil cases, both parties can appeal to the higher court to review their case. In criminal cases, only the defendant can appeal in most states. Moreover, an appeal starts with the party appealing to writing an argument and the opposing party to respond and write back an answer. The appeal judge uses these writing arguments as a basis for their decision. As we provide legal assistance in criminal defense in Hawaii, it is our duty to utilize this opportunity for better results like a lesser sentence, overturned conviction, or a new trial.

While an appeal is ongoing, the appeal court also reviews any errors on how the trial court applied the law. An oral argument can also commence for the appeal court to make a decision where the defense attorney answers the judge and argue for their client’s future with integrity.