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Defending Against Drug Trafficking Charges in Hawaii

Being charged with drug trafficking is a serious offense. A single conviction of such an act could lead to decades of prison and even substantial fines, depending on the charges, whether it is a state or federal crime, and depending on its severity.

You may require a lawyer with tremendous experience and knowledge in handling drug-related cases. At Myles S. Breiner Attorney at Law, we know how to help you build a strong defense against the charges you are convicted with.

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What are the Penalties For Drug Trafficking in Hawaii?

In the state of Hawaii, all drug-related crimes, which include possession, distribution, and sales, are defined as “promoting.” When convicted of promoting illegal drugs, they are punishable as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

The incarceration for misdemeanor charges of drug selling can have a potential jail sentence of up to 1 year while felony charges have lengthy jail time. The fines associated with misdemeanor selling of illegal drugs are often up to $1,000 while felony convictions charge up to $250,000 or more.

Drug convicts are also sentenced to probation which usually lasts up to 12 months. But a sentence of 2-5 years is also common.

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Mr. Breiner is an experienced attorney who has negotiated and tried numerous criminal cases. Prosecutors in Hawaii know as to what extent he examines the drug arrest and how he works to get the best possible results for his clients.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What legal defenses are available for drug trafficking charges in Honolulu?

In Honolulu, defenses against drug trafficking charges can include challenging the evidence's legality, arguing for entrapment if law enforcement induced the crime, or proving a lack of intent to traffic drugs. Each case is unique, and a defense strategy is tailored to the specific circumstances surrounding the arrest and charges. It's crucial to consult with a defense attorney who understands the complexities of drug-related offenses and can navigate the legal system to advocate effectively on your behalf.

What should I do immediately after being charged with drug trafficking in Hawaii?

If you're charged with drug trafficking in Hawaii, it's imperative to contact a defense attorney as soon as possible. Avoid discussing the case details with anyone but your lawyer to prevent self-incrimination. Your attorney will guide you through the legal process, protect your rights, and begin crafting a defense strategy. Prompt legal counsel is crucial to address the charges effectively and to work towards minimizing the potential impact on your life.

How can an attorney help if I'm facing drug trafficking charges in Hawaii?

An attorney can assist with drug trafficking charges in Hawaii by scrutinizing the arrest process for any legal violations, negotiating with prosecutors to potentially reduce charges, and preparing a robust defense for trial if necessary. They can also help navigate the complexities of both state and federal drug laws, ensuring that your rights are protected throughout the legal process. With their legal knowledge and experience, they aim to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

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