Tips on What to Do if You’re Accused With Assault

We’re never really taught how to respond to being accused of assault, especially if the allegations are false. It’s only natural to panic, but don’t let those feelings make you look suspicious or worse, guilty.

Myles S. Breiner Attorney at Law is here to share the tips we tell our clients in legal service in Honolulu, Hawaii about what to do with a false assault allegation.

  • Keep your mouth shut.

    While it may be tempting to try and clear things out with the person who’s accused you of the crime, but don’t. Approaching the person who’s accusing you will make you seem suspicious or even be viewed as an attempt at intimidation.

  • Contact your defense attorney.

    Even if the accusations are false, there is still a chance that you will be convicted. So it’s best to take things seriously from the beginning.

  • Gather the right evidence.

    Listen to what your accuser has to say, pay attention to the details included in the charges, but don’t actively look for evidence yourself. Shed as little suspicion on yourself as possible. There are experts who can handle that for you.

  • Prove your innocence and consider suing your accuser.

    Once our criminal defense in Hawaii is able to help prove your innocence, you may want to consider suing your false accuser. Being accused – even if it’s false – can lead to a lot of damages to your well-being and livelihood.

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