Receiving a Summons for a Criminal Charge

Receiving a summons means that you have to appear in court to answer for a crime you committed or possibly falsely accused of. Failure to respond to a summons is disadvantageous on your part. You may lose the case by default.

  • What is a Summons?

    Before knowing what to do after receiving a summons, you need to know what it is first. A summons is an official court document that contains relevant info, such as the following:

    • The court issuing the document
    • The names of the plaintiff and the defendant
    • The details of the case
    • How the defendant should respond to the summons
    • Deadline of the response
  • What to Do

    Upon receiving the summons, read the contents. Respond within the given time frame. Otherwise, you will give up your right to contest the charges against you.

    It will be wise to seek the assistance of a seasoned defense attorney. They can guide you in maneuvering through the process.

  • What Your Attorney Does

    As a professional who knows the laws on criminal defense in Hawaii, your lawyer will help you in addressing the charges and drive the situation into your favor. Telling your attorney everything you know about the case will help them understand the situation better and come up with a better plan to defend you.

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