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What to Expect During a Parole Revocation Hearing

Being released on parole is a privilege. It is a period that can determine whether you are ready to go back to society or not.

When you are on parole, you need to follow specific terms and conditions. The parole board will determine these terms based on your situation. Violating the conditions means incurring penalties that may include an extended probation term, fines, or going back to jail.

If you think you have violated your parole terms, contact legal service in Honolulu, Hawaii right away.

What is a Parole Revocation Hearing?

This particular hearing is like a court hearing where the parole board determines whether there is a violation on your part or not. The prosecution and your defense attorney will take turns in presenting evidence about the situation.

Both sides can present different types of evidence during the hearing. The board will ask if you want to listen to your rights or waive them.

Afterward, the parole board will review the case. They will make a decision based on the evidence presented. With these technicalities, representation from an expert in criminal defense in Hawaii is crucial.

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