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White Collar Crime Archives

Neiman Marcus Data Breach Affects Hawaiian Consumers

Data theft is a rapidly growing segment of white collar crime in Hawaii and elsewhere. In January, the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) reported more than 9,000 Hawaiian consumers may be affected by a recent data theft at luxury goods seller Neiman Marcus. 

FBI Files White Collar Charges Against Honolulu Women

The New Year brought unpleasant allegations for two Honolulu women charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with multiple accounts of fraud, money laundering and other wrongdoings. In this case, 38-year-old realtor Sakara Blackwell and 46-year old Jennifer McTigue pled not guilty in United States District Court to 45 counts of illegal activity. 

How to Deal With a Federal White Collar Criminal Investigation

Any criminal investigation can create stress for the person being investigated. A federal investigation creates a highly elevated level of stress, not only for the subject of the investigation, but for witnesses as well. The federal criminal justice system has vast resources and a great deal of power. Whether you face questioning pertaining to corporate crime, Internet fraud, tax evasion or any other white collar crime, you need to understand the potential ramifications of your participation in the investigation and how to protect your interests. 

A Single White Collar Crime Often Involves Multiple Serious Charges

A typical business involves many complex operations, and white collar crimes often mirror the patterns of business operations. Once state or federal agencies set their focus on suspects in a white collar scheme, the investigations can easily take a year or more as they peel away each layer of the operation to uncover every illegal aspect. By the time they file indictments, alleged offenders must mount multiple defenses. Because of the detailed investigation and the complexity of the charges, anyone indicted for a white collar crime needs tenacious legal representation dedicated to unraveling the maze of charges. 

The High Costs of Corporate White Collar Criminal Defense Can Force Innocent Defendants to Plead Guilty

The seemingly unlimited resources of the Federal Government present a decidedly tilted playing field against an average person facing white collar criminal charges. Some defendants may expect their employers to cover their defense bills, but instead they face termination, creating a loss of income that makes the legal expenses that much harder to bear. A guilty plea often presents the most affordable option - even when a defendant is actually innocent. 

White Collar Crimes Impact Hawaiians

A lot of the high-profile white collar crime we hear about involves big name banks and securities companies who have engaged in illegal activity, defrauding investors of millions of dollars. However, white collar crime covers a myriad of offenses and occurs in many different arenas. 

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