miranda warning

An Understanding of the Miranda Warning

The Miranda Rights Law, or what most people know as the Miranda Warning, is everyone’s right to remain silent when being detained by the police. These rights are read or recited to the person mostly during an arrest and before an interrogation under police custody. Stated in these rights is the person’s right to have a lawyer. This is important to ensure that the person’s rights are upheld throughout the entire legal process.

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Many may brush off the Miranda Rights Law, but the rights come from the Fifth and Sixth amendment to the constitution. The Miranda Warning reminds a person of the privilege from the Fifth Amendment to protect oneself from compelled self-incrimination or being forced to admit an involvement of a crime. Additionally, it is supported by Sixth Amendment which allows one to seek legal counsel. A person in custody may refuse to talk before or in the middle of interrogation before clearing things up with a defense attorney.

When public safety is an issue, the Miranda rights can be evoked during interrogation as evidence will be used against the suspect.

Overall, the Miranda Rights Law is present as part of criminal defense in Hawaii to provide fair and justly time and opportunity for the person in custody to figure things out with his or her lawyer with defenses that will prioritize one’s rights according to law.