Man with drugs in handcuffs

Defending Yourself Against a Drug Possession Charge

Possessing illegal drugs carries a hefty fine and penalty. If you are charged with possessing illegal drugs, you need criminal defense in Hawaii.

There are different defenses you can use, depending on the details of your case. A defense attorney will help you identify which defense to use best in your situation. The following are some of the defense options your attorney may use:

  • Entrapment

    With this defense, an informant or police officer induces you to pass drugs to another person which you may not have done otherwise. In an entrapment, your defense is that you succumbed to pressure.

  • Planted Evidence

    A police officer’s sworn statement carries a lot of weight inside a criminal court. Other police officers are also usually hesitant to call another out. Your attorney can use this defense to ask the court to release the complaint files against you.

  • Missing Evidence

    If prosecutors do not have the actual drugs, your attorney can file a motion to dismiss the charges against you.

  • Drugs are Not Yours

    In this defense, you tell the court that you do not know why the drugs are in your possession or who owns them. For instance, other passengers in the same car as you may own the drugs.

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