Getting pulled over

Getting Pulled Over: What You Can Do

Do you know what to do if police officers pull you over? You might see police officers pulling some motorists over, checking their documents, and asking questions. The following suggestions are some things you can do if you get pulled over.

  • Take note of what is happening.
    It is always best to write down the details of your interaction with the police. These details can help you in your criminal defense in Hawaii. You have to remember that the police will always remember the things that they can use against you.
  • Politely refuse a field sobriety test.
    You can tell the officers that you won’t take a field sobriety test. But do so politely. However, if they ask you to take a blood test or a breathalyzer, you are required to do so.
  • Don’t talk too much.
    Keep in mind that you have the right to consult your defense attorney before talking to the police. You should be persistent in exercising such right but make sure to stay polite.

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