Defense strategies

Defense Strategies Against Criminal Charges

Many people are being accused of criminal charges every day. However, some of them are innocent. During such occasions, they usually take advantage of a legal service in Honolulu, Hawaii to help them develop defense strategies to prevent imprisonment.

Possible Defense strategies

When you are accused of a criminal charge, it is always best to hire a defense attorney to assist you with the process. They can also represent you in court and defend you and your rights. The lawyer will discuss with you possible strategies such as:

  • Providing an Alibi

    One of the most common defenses is to provide an alibi. You have to prove that you are unlikely to commit something you are accused of. For instance, you should be able to give an alibi that explains your absence when the crime was committed. With an alibi, you can establish that you didn’t do it since you weren’t there.

  • Insanity Defense

    Insanity is part of criminal defense in Hawaii. But, it can be hard to prove and is very rare. The burden of proof in this defense is on the defendant.

  • Self-Defense

    Self-defense is probably the most common defense strategy. It is grounded on the idea that every person has the right to protect themselves in the face of danger. But, the response must be reasonable. For instance, shooting someone who punched you is unreasonable.

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