Hawaii: Drug Crimes Abound On the Islands

Hawaii is a state with over 1.2 million people. It may not be a surprise that drug crimes, and others, take place on the Islands, especially since only 3,429 law enforcement officers are present on all eight islands in total.

One interesting fact about Hawaii is that all the normal mainland drugs can be found there. The most common drugs on the islands include crystal methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin, cocaine HCL, crack cocaine and predatory drugs.

How do drugs get to the islands?

In most cases, drugs get to Hawaii through the air. Sometimes, they arrive through shipping carriers like the U.S postal service. Over 7 million people visit the islands each year, making it a hot spot for drug trafficking.

What is the major drug of choice on the islands?

The drug of choice appears to be crystal methamphetamine. Among the entire United States, Hawaii has the greatest number of crystal meth users. Since there is a high drug rate, it’s perhaps not surprising that Hawaii also has a high crime rate. Most crimes are property crimes and are attributed to drugs, but crystal methamphetamine usage has led to an increase in violent crimes as well.

What should you do if you’re accused of distributing or trafficking drugs in Hawaii?

It’s important to defend yourself as soon as possible. Drug crimes are common in Hawaii, and that means that the criminal justice system does crack down hard on it in an effort to reduce drug use and crimes across the islands. Prosecutors do have a limited time to file criminal charges against you in Hawaii. The criminal statute of limitations extends no more than six years for any felony. For misdemeanors, the prosecution has only two years maximum to pursue charges.

Your defense attorney can help you determine the best way to fight back against the charges placed against you. For example, if you’re charged with trafficking drugs, you may be able to plead down for a lesser charge if you decide to admit guilt. Everyone’s situation is different, and your attorney will talk to you about the different options for defending yourself, whether those include claiming innocence or negotiating for the best plea deal you can get.