Have You Been Charged With Identity Theft? You Need Strong Legal Counsel For Records-Related Crimes.

As technology continues to advance, confidential information becomes more accessible and vulnerable to fraudulent activity. Due to the rise in computer crimes, states are passing laws to protect against identity theft. At the Law Offices of Myles S. Breiner, we have the legal knowledge needed to deal effectively with these cases.

What Are Hawaii's Identity Theft Laws?

Identity theft crimes are felonies and can be charged at the state or federal level. In Hawaii, they are classified as:

  • Identity theft in the first degree — Transmitting someone else's personal information by oral, written or electronic means with the intent to commit a Class A felony, such as murder, kidnapping and extortion
  • Identity theft in the second degree — Using the information of another by oral, written or electronic statement for the purpose of committing second-degree theft
  • Identity theft in the third degree — Using someone else's personal information to commit theft in the third or fourth degree

Identity theft statistics illustrate the alarming increase in reported cases. From 2010 to 2011, the number of people in the United States affected by identity theft increased by 13 percent. Many cases of identity theft go unreported. The most rampant method for stealing someone else's confidential information is credit card fraud.

Laws have been passed in Hawaii to protect against identity theft. Businesses and governmental agencies must take reasonable measures to protect unauthorized access of consumer information.

What Activities Constitute Computer And Internet Crimes?

Computer crimes can involve:

  • Computer hacking
  • Child pornography
  • Electronic fraud
  • Electronic enticement of a child in the first and second degrees
  • Indecent electronic display to a child

Computer crimes can result in misdemeanor or felony charges and carry harsh penalties, such as possible jail time and significant fines and restitution. The Law Offices of Myles S. Breiner protects your interests and firmly believes that everyone deserves a quality defense.

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