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Defending Yourself Against a Drug Possession Charge

Possessing illegal drugs carries a hefty fine and penalty. If you are charged with possessing illegal drugs, you need criminal defense in Hawaii. There are different defenses you can use, depending on the details of your case. A defense attorney will help you identify which defense to use best in your situation. The following are … Continue reading

Young Offenders: What to Do with Your Child’s Case

It can be heartbreaking for any parent to know that their child was involved in a misdemeanor or felony. At the same time, the situation will also make you worry about what will happen to your child in terms of penalty. Here are the things that you can do when you find yourself in a … Continue reading

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What to Do if You are Arrested During Your Vacation

Hawaii is a premier tourist destination, especially for those who love the beach and the Hawaiian culture. But, when you are being arrested, your vacation can go downhill. Being arrested during your vacation can be a stressful experience. What should you do? Here are some tips: Act right away. Quick action is important in this … Continue reading

Common Defenses Against First Degree Murders

First-degree murder is a serious crime. Being convicted of first-degree murder can mean spending your life in prison. But, this does not mean that there is no defense available. If you are falsely accused of this crime, be sure to take advantage of criminal defense in Hawaii right away. Figuring out the right defense in … Continue reading

Defense Strategies Against Criminal Charges

Many people are being accused of criminal charges every day. However, some of them are innocent. During such occasions, they usually take advantage of a legal service in Honolulu, Hawaii to help them develop defense strategies to prevent imprisonment. Possible Defense strategies When you are accused of a criminal charge, it is always best to hire a defense attorney to assist you … Continue reading

How Does a Temporary Restraining Order Work?

You might be familiar with a TRO or temporary restraining order from many movies or shows. A victim, typically of harassment, assault, or domestic violence, among others, gets a TRO against the perpetrator. A defense attorney helps the offender address the need for a TRO against them. What is a Temporary Restraining Order? A temporary … Continue reading