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Your arrest may ruin your vacation, but it doesn't have to ruin your life.

Your dream vacation turned into a nightmare the moment you saw those flashing lights. Getting arrested was not part of your plan.

Your mind races and you head fills with possible scenarios. You are ready to shout your defense to the officer. Your panic and fear is normal, but don't forget your rights.

Sexual Assault Charges Return Fugitives to Hawaii

Sex crimes damage the lives of victims - and the lives of those accused by law enforcement. Recently two different cases saw fugitives returned to Hawaii to face allegations of sexual assault going back as far as 2008. 

Crackdown on Corrections Officers Continues

Since 2012, corrections facilities in Hawaii have come under fire as guards continue to be arrested for smuggling illegal substances and other goods to inmates. In January, another officer at Halawa Correctional Facility was arrested on drug charges. 

Neiman Marcus Data Breach Affects Hawaiian Consumers

Data theft is a rapidly growing segment of white collar crime in Hawaii and elsewhere. In January, the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) reported more than 9,000 Hawaiian consumers may be affected by a recent data theft at luxury goods seller Neiman Marcus. 

Kona Man Sentenced for Airline Hoax

At any time, making false claims can be dangerous. For a Kona man, a false claim led to federal prison.

In January 2013, 60-year-old Kona resident Timothy Hershman made a phone call to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from a payphone. During the call, Mr. Hershman stated a passenger on an airborne Alaskan Airlines flight was a dangerous man. Asking the FBI to help prevent a tragedy, Mr. Hershman identified his roommate as a potentially menacing passenger.

Why Underage Drinking and Driving is a Bigger Problem Than Anyone Realizes

Kids will be kids. But when "kids being kids" get behind the wheel after a night of partying, the old adage goes out the driver's side window. Drivers under 21 are already considered to be inexperienced - adding alcohol to the situation only increases the likelihood of a dangerous situation, injuries, death, and at the very least, an arrest on a criminal record. 

The New Look of Benjamin Franklin

If you happen to have a $100 bill in your possession anytime soon, take a closer look. The Federal Reserve has given Benjamin Franklin a colorful face-lift to foil counterfeiters.

Delayed since February 2011 by multiple glitches in the printing process, including creased paper and smeared ink, the bill was finally released last October.

Rehabilitation for Youthful Offenders

Making mistakes is a part of childhood and youth. However, having a permanent record at a young age can create problems in the future. Your record follows you as you seek employment and apply for different licenses. But the mistakes of your past don't have to affect your future. We encourage youthful offenders to take the charges against them seriously and to learn from their mistakes. Our goal is for the young to take control of the future by putting forth a solid defense to charges against them early in life. 

Serious Consequences for Meth Charges in Hawaii

With a history of methamphetamine abuse in our state, local and federal agencies continue to vigorously pursue and prosecute persons suspected of trafficking the drug. 

FBI Files White Collar Charges Against Honolulu Women

The New Year brought unpleasant allegations for two Honolulu women charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with multiple accounts of fraud, money laundering and other wrongdoings. In this case, 38-year-old realtor Sakara Blackwell and 46-year old Jennifer McTigue pled not guilty in United States District Court to 45 counts of illegal activity. 

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