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December 2013 Archives

How to Deal With a Federal White Collar Criminal Investigation

Any criminal investigation can create stress for the person being investigated. A federal investigation creates a highly elevated level of stress, not only for the subject of the investigation, but for witnesses as well. The federal criminal justice system has vast resources and a great deal of power. Whether you face questioning pertaining to corporate crime, Internet fraud, tax evasion or any other white collar crime, you need to understand the potential ramifications of your participation in the investigation and how to protect your interests. 

The Proper Way to Assert Miranda Rights Upon Arrest

Anyone who watches crime dramas on TV or in the movies is very aware of the Miranda rights police read to suspects upon arrest. However, relatively few people know about the 2010 changes in the law that can cause the loss of those rights. You need to learn how to take proper advantage of your Miranda rights before a lawyer arrives to defend you. 

Drug Possession Can Lead to Felony Conviction in Hawaii

Drug possession charges generally represent the least severe types of charges under Hawaii law. However, defending against a possession charge still requires highly experienced legal representation. Even when possession is charged as a misdemeanor, a conviction can lead to harsh penalties. Moreover, a possession charge can easily lead to a felony conviction, based on the quantity of drugs found at the time of arrest. 

Filing an Appeal Can Potentially Secure Temporary Release for Convicted Offenders in Hawaii

For many convicted offenders, a guilty verdict does not necessarily mean they must serve jail time or pay other penalties. While they cannot take their cases back to court simply because they disagree with the verdict, they can appeal their cases if their attorneys can cite errors within the trial that may have led to an invalid decision. In Hawaii, an experienced criminal appeals lawyer may be able to convince the courts to release certain convicted people until they hear the appeals case and make a final decision. 

Domestic Violence Victims Need to Know the Procedures to Get Relief Through Protective Orders in Hawaii

If you risk injury, or worse, from a relative or any person close to you, you may need to take legal action to keep yourself safe from harm. While Hawaii law permits you to obtain protective orders (also known as restraining orders) against a potential offender, taking an incorrect step in the process can cause delays long enough to expose you to continued danger. 

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