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At the Law Offices of Myles S. Breiner, we provide a voice for incarcerated individuals. Our firm has 25 years of experience in tackling the most challenging cases throughout Hawaii, on the mainland and internationally. Prisoners often feel powerless, and we are committed to ensuring that justice is served throughout all stages of the legal system.

What Are My Rights As A Prisoner?

Fundamental human rights are not suspended when you enter a correctional facility. Your civil rights are the same inside prison walls as they are on the outside. Freedom of thought, religion and expression and freedom from discrimination on the basis of race, sex and age are often violated in prison. You also have the right to receive adequate medical care.

Prisoners are often subjected to cruel and degrading treatment that violates traditionally accepted standards of human decency. As a passionate and respected civil litigator, Myles S. Breiner works to make your voice heard when you are most vulnerable.

Does The Prison Litigation Reform Act Prevent Me From Suing?

The Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) is a federal law that was designed to curtail lawsuits brought by incarcerated individuals. There are several detailed provisions that greatly impact how you can proceed with a lawsuit while in prison. These restrictions include:

  • Limits on injunctions — If you are bringing a lawsuit to prevent the prison from doing something, you will be limited in the relief you can seek.
  • Following administrative procedures — Before you can sue, you must exhaust all administrative grievance avenues.
  • Limits on injury relief — In some instances, you may not sue for emotional or mental injuries unless you have a prior physical injury.
  • Early dismissal — A judge can dismiss your case soon after its filing, before even making the defendant respond.
  • Mandatory filing fees — In some instances, you may be required to pay court fees up front if you have had three prior cases dismissed.

At the Law Offices of Myles S. Breiner, we have a long and successful history of advocating prisoner rights under the most serious circumstances. You can trust our passionate defense attorney to protect your civil and human rights.

We Will Protect Your Rights

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