We Are Champions For The Rights Of Inmates. We Stand Up For The People That Society Has Discarded.

At the Law Offices of Myles S. Breiner, we pride ourselves on providing a voice for individuals who are behind bars. We believe justice must be served throughout all stages of the legal system, including correctional facilities. Our firm has 25 years of experience in tackling the most challenging cases throughout Hawaii, on the mainland and internationally.

Yes, Prisoners Have Rights

Fundamental human rights are not suspended when you enter a correctional facility. Your civil rights are the same inside prison walls as they are on the outside. Freedom of thought, religion and expression and freedom from discrimination on the basis of race, sex and age are often violated in prison. You also have the right to receive adequate medical care.

Prisoners are often subjected to cruel and degrading treatment that violates traditionally accepted standards of human decency. As a passionate and respected civil litigator, Myles S. Breiner works tirelessly to make your voice heard when you are most vulnerable, whether your situation involves prison-related violence or prisoner rights.

When Corrections Officers Prey Upon Inmates

Sadly, it is not uncommon for workers at correctional facilities to prey upon inmates. Corrections officers will threaten and coerce inmates into providing sex.

This, of course, is a despicable abuse of power that cannot be allowed. At the Law Offices of Myles S. Breiner, we vigorously advocate for inmates who have been assaulted; we work to make the guilty parties take responsibility for their wrongdoing.

The Prison Litigation Reform Act Is Not Your Friend

During the second half of the 20th century, litigation filed on behalf of inmates increased rapidly. The federal government in 1996 responded by passing the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA), which was designed to limit a prisoner's right to sue for issues that arise during incarceration.

Without the help of an experienced litigation attorney who is comfortable with pursuing prison-related cases, you may not receive the restitution you deserve. The PLRA imposes several obstacles that will likely prevent your case from being successfully resolved. The Law Office of Myles S. Breiner overcomes these burdens and works diligently to give you vindication.

A Lawyer Who Will Stand With You

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