We Hold Law Enforcement Agencies Responsible For Their Actions

The Supreme Court held in 1989 that "the right to make an arrest or investigatory stop necessarily carries with it the right to use some degree of physical coercion or threat." Critically, however, the Court also decided that the amount of force that is used must be in proportion to the threat.

Most people believe they never could be the victim of excessive force or police brutality. Unfortunately, this is untrue. It can and does happen to even the most law-abiding of citizens.

At the Law Office of Myles S. Breiner in Honolulu, we hold people and entities responsible for their actions. We take great pride in having the courage to challenge the actions of law enforcement agencies in Hawaii and nationwide. We fear nobody, because in the United States the rule of law prevails.

How And When Does This Happen?

The use of excessive force sometimes occurs in cases of mistaken identity. For example, an innocent person is walking down the street. Police officers mistake this individual for someone who is wanted for armed robbery. The officers slam the person to the ground and cause bodily injuries.

It's a terrifying situation that can shatter a person's trust in law enforcement. The episode can take a severe physical and emotional toll; there have been instances, for example, when victims are so traumatized that they fear leaving their homes.

Victims of excessive force and police brutality are entitled to compensation. If you have been a victim, our law firm is ready to pursue justice on your behalf.

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