Seeking Justice For Operators Of Sweepstakes Machines

Legitimate business owners throughout the United States and in Hawaii operate sweepstakes machines that are perfectly legal. The machines do not violate gambling laws because prizes are predetermined and individuals do not have to pay to participate; in many ways, the sweepstakes machines are like the sweepstakes that fast-food businesses offer to customers.

We Represent Business Owners Who Are Wrongly Punished

Overzealous local authorities in Hawaii have insisted on maliciously prosecuting the small-business owners who operate the sweepstakes machines. Law enforcement has seized the sweepstakes machines and prosecutors have charged the business owners with a laundry list of crimes, including racketeering.

Judges in Hawaii, however, have tossed out criminal cases against the sweepstakes operators. Speaking from the bench, judges on more than one occasion have issued stern criticism of the prosecution, saying that tainted evidence had been used and that key laundry list of crimes, witnesses had committed perjury.

At the Law Offices of Myles S. Breiner, we believe illegal seizure of personal property and malicious prosecution is a travesty; we vigorously represent those who have been hurt by this practice.

Police Illegally Seize Personal Property

In spite of the judges' rulings, local authorities make it extremely difficult for the sweepstakes operators to recover the machines that law enforcement has seized. As a result, livelihoods have been destroyed and lives have been devastated.

Mr. Breiner is an attorney who represents business owners who operate sweepstakes machines. He seeks justice and compensation for his clients and he strives to make them whole.

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