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Juvenile Offenders Must Have Experienced Representation

o Not Let Your Child Be at the Mercy of the System

Offenders who are below the age of 18 typically enter the juvenile justice system, not the adult criminal justice system. Juvenile offenders are subjected to different laws and procedures than adults who have been charged with a crime.

The chief goal of the juvenile justice system is rehabilitation. However, while juvenile courts are not criminal courts, your child will still need a strong defense lawyer who acts in their best interest. With our successful history representing juveniles at the Law Offices of Myles S. Breiner, you can have the peace of mind that your child will be well defended.

All Kinds of Possible Outcomes

Juvenile courts are seen as civil courts, not criminal. Similarly, minors are charged with committing a delinquent act instead of a crime.

When dealing with your child’s case, the juvenile court has broad discretion. Therefore, there are all kinds of possible outcomes depending on the case’s severity. These may include community service, probation, counseling, and home confinement. In the worst possible outcome, the judge can send the youth to adult prison or jail. At the other end of the spectrum, one of the best outcomes is for your child to join a diversion program and have their criminal history expunged or sealed.

We’re Well-Versed in the Available Options

We provide every client with high-quality juvenile defense at the Law Offices of Myles S. Breiner. As a former prosecutor who is now working as a full-time criminal defense attorney, Mr. Breiner has extensive experience with juvenile law and juvenile delinquents in Hawaii.

Mr. Breiner is familiar with the available options at each step in the proceedings. He knows the best course of action and can guide you in comprehending the process. Should your child have issues such as mental health or substance abuse challenges, he will seek the appropriate professional services.

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