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A Record of Success in Criminal Cases

Our legal expertise is known far and wide. We have served clients in the states of Hawaii, California, Florida, Mississippi, the District of Columbia, and Wyoming. We have also provided court-martial defense in military courts, representing clients in military courts such as Afghanistan, Botswana, and South Africa.

Representation for a Wide Range of Criminal Matters

Our office accepts cases of all types, from serious felonies, such as homicide, to less serious misdemeanors, such as minor drug-related offenses.

Here are the types of cases we have worked on:

  • Drug crimes — Our attorneys can handle drug crimes such as trafficking and possession whether on an state or federal level.
  • Money Laundering and Conspiracy — Crimes the level of money laundering, tax evasion, or conspiracy usually result in a complex financial litigation process. Armed with comprehensive legal strength, our attorneys will guide you through the process.
  • Assault and Battery — From juvenile street fighting to organized crime, our attorneys can take on various types of assaults and battery cases.
  • Homicide — Our attorneys can handle all types of homicide and homicide-related cases, from involuntary manslaughter to premeditated, first-degree murder.
  • Sexual Assault — Our attorneys have more than enough experience to represent you and your sexual assault case. They can also tackle cases such as prostitution offenses and human trafficking.
  • Prison-Related Violence — Incarceration should not stop you from exercising your rights. Our attorneys can protect and represent you in cases of altercations, riots, and other prison-related violence as well as personal injury and civil rights violations.
  • Domestic Violence — We are advocates for the rights of domestic violence victims regardless of gender. Our practice can provide strong negotiation and litigation support for your legal needs, whether you may be seeking a restraining order or defending yourself from one.
  • DUI — The state of Hawaii has strict laws with regards to drunk driving. Do not risk your freedom, finances, and future. Our attorneys have comprehensive know-how of the laws relating to DUI and negligent homicide cases.
  • Parole Violations — Do not risk reincarceration again. If you have been wrongly accused of violating parole laws, you can trust our attorneys to use innovative, effective defense strategies in securing your freedom.
  • Felonies — Felony cases are the most serious of the three crimes under U.S. Law. Secure the strongest representation you can get and avoid lengthy prison sentences and high fines when you call on our attorneys today.
  • Misdemeanors — Misdemeanors that usually result in minimal monetary restitution and less than a year jail sentence are considered minor crimes. However, they can still significantly affect your life. Secure your freedom by trusting our attorneys for representation.
  • White-Collar Crimes — White-collar crimes have grave legal repercussions as they are prosecutable at a state or federal level. Trust our attorneys to fight for your rights, secure our services today.

If you are facing a criminal charge with potentially life-altering consequences, contact our office today. We have the skills and resources to guide you effectively through the legal process.

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We represent clients facing criminal charges throughout Hawaii and the mainland. To discuss your case, contact the Law Offices of Myles S. Breiner at 808-526-3426 or online today. We are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We offer flexible office hours and payment schedules for your convenience.