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Defense Strategies Against Criminal Charges

Many people are being accused of criminal charges every day. However, some of them are innocent. During such occasions, they usually take advantage of a legal service in Honolulu, Hawaii to help them develop defense strategies to prevent imprisonment. Possible Defense strategies When you are accused of a criminal charge, it is always best to hire a defense attorney to assist you … Continue reading

How Does a Temporary Restraining Order Work?

You might be familiar with a TRO or temporary restraining order from many movies or shows. A victim, typically of harassment, assault, or domestic violence, among others, gets a TRO against the perpetrator. A defense attorney helps the offender address the need for a TRO against them. What is a Temporary Restraining Order? A temporary … Continue reading

What to Expect During a Parole Revocation Hearing

Being released on parole is a privilege. It is a period that can determine whether you are ready to go back to society or not. When you are on parole, you need to follow specific terms and conditions. The parole board will determine these terms based on your situation. Violating the conditions means incurring penalties … Continue reading

Receiving a Summons for a Criminal Charge

Receiving a summons means that you have to appear in court to answer for a crime you committed or possibly falsely accused of. Failure to respond to a summons is disadvantageous on your part. You may lose the case by default. What is a Summons? Before knowing what to do after receiving a summons, you … Continue reading

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False Identity Theft Accusations: What to Do

Identity theft is a common crime nowadays, especially with the emergence of social media and electronic devices. This kind of crime happens when an individual steals and uses another person’s personal information for their benefit. While there are victims of identity theft, there are also those who are falsely accused of doing so. If you … Continue reading

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Rehabilitation for Youthful Offenders

On behalf of Myles S. Breiner – Attorney At Law – A Law Corporation, Inc. Making mistakes is a part of childhood and youth. However, having a permanent record at a young age can create problems in the future. Your record follows you as you seek employment and apply for different licenses. But the mistakes … Continue reading

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