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What an Appeal Is and How It Can Change a Ruling

After a trial court has made a decision, one party may think that the court’s ruling is unjust or wrong. Depending on the type of case, they can ask a higher court to review their case again, and this process is called an appeal. At Myles S. Breiner Attorney at Law – A Law Corporation, … Continue reading

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An Understanding of the Miranda Warning

The Miranda Rights Law, or what most people know as the Miranda Warning, is everyone’s right to remain silent when being detained by the police. These rights are read or recited to the person mostly during an arrest and before an interrogation under police custody. Stated in these rights is the person’s right to have … Continue reading

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Filing for a Sexual Harassment Case

Sexual harassment comes in different forms. This can come from co-workers, supervisors, customers, or random strangers outside. Acts of sexual harassment range from unwanted touching, inappropriate jokes and comments, or offering you a favor in exchange for sexual favors. You see, sexual harassment doesn’t always have to be “sexual.” It can also be intimidation, teasing, … Continue reading

Medical Malpractice and What to Do If It Happens

Medical malpractice cases are sought out by patients who have been harmed or injured due to poor medical treatment or mistaken diagnosis from their doctors, nurses, technicians, or other medical providers. While the majority of health care providers do their very best to provide the highest standard of care for their patients, things can still … Continue reading

What to Know About Involuntary Manslaughter

At times, people may do things that can unintentionally hurt other people. Sometimes, this can even lead to the unintentional death of someone. In this case, taking advantage of legal service in Honolulu, Hawaii, is your best and most important first step. Through this service, you will be able to navigate through the legalities and … Continue reading

Criminal Defense: What Constitutes Self-Defense?

Protecting oneself from harm under the right circumstances, despite leading to what is generally a crime, is a principle accepted universally. That is why a person can claim self-defense as a criminal defense in Hawaii. But what is self-defense? When can you use it as a defense strategy in court? Seeking Counsel If you find … Continue reading

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